Mexico Dental Implants
Mexico Dental Implants

USA 1(619) 202-0233
MEX. (664) 686-5993
and 686-5994
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Mexico Dental Implants Center

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“As an active member of AO (Academy of Osseointegration), this dental practice offers advanced specialized knowledge about the science and clinical applications of implant dentistry. Learn more about dental implants and AO.

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Mexico Dental Implants Center

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Mexico Dental Implants Center

Mexico Dental Implants Center

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Office address:
Sonora Ave. 3809,
Chapultepec , Tijuana, B.C. Mexico 22420

US Mail to:
591 Telegraph Canyon Rd. # 828
Chula Vista, CA 91910


Dental Implants - Faq


1).- Number of implants needed ?

Ideally one implant per missing tooth, but it depends on the type of bridge.

2).- What if I am missing several teeth ?

Depending on your specific needs, Dr. Alvarez could offer you diferent options like fixed, fixed-removable or removable bridges.

3).- What if I have no teeth ?

According to the quality and volume of your bone you can have different types of teeth:

  • FIXED - Removed periodically by your dentist.
  • REMOVABLE - Easy access for hygiene. The implants under it secure the bridge in place
  • FIXED REMOVABLE - Works like fixed with the easy access for hygiene.

4).- I like my dentures, but they move ?

Implants can be used as retention for your existing dentures, eliminating mobility and improving your chewing ability.

5).- When should I start this treatment ?

As soon as you lose a tooth, otherwise the bone starts shrinking.

6).- What if I have gum disease ?

Gum disease will need to be controlled, before placing the implants, improving your esthetics and function.

7).- How long will they work ?

For life, as long as you maintain a healthy mouth, wich is why we recommend periodic cleanings.

8).- Are implants difficult to clean ?

No more difficult than your original teeth.

9).- Will others know I have dental implants ?

Today's implant treatment enables you to have your new teeth look, feel and function like your own. Even though others will be unaware you have dental implants, many patients are so pleased they tell everyone they know.


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